Beaufort Investment to launch its own Funds

Beaufort Investment, the discretionary fund manager, part of the Beaufort Group of Companies, has launched its own Funds.  The Open-Ended Investment Company initially comprises two sub-funds; Multi-Asset Blend Balanced Fund and Multi-Asset Blend Growth Fund.

The Funds will be managed by Beaufort Investment’s long-standing team of professionals, which has an industry leading track record managing Model Portfolios going back to 2004.  The MAB Balanced Fund will have a neutral weighting to equity of 50% with the ability to deviate between 40% and 60% exposure.  The MAB Growth Fund will have a neutral weighting to equity of 80% with the ability to deviate between 70% and 90% exposure.

The remaining exposure in each fund will comprise a wide variety of asset classes including bonds, property and alternatives.  IFSL will be the ACD and HSBC the Custodian.  The firm plans to add further sub-funds in due course. The Funds will be distributed through Financial Advisers, intermediaries and will be available directly.

Shane Balkham, Chief Investment Officer, said “It is a natural development for our investment proposition.  Over the past 15 years we successfully expanded our range to include active, passive, income and ethical model portfolios.  We have invested in our team and our increased capacity will enable the Funds to bring together the best elements from our skill sets.”

Derrick Dunne, Chief Executive Officer, said “This is a very exciting time for our firm, our advisers and our clients.  The firm has delivered on performance and risk objectives for clients since 2004 with our model portfolios.  This is the next step in our evolution.  Clients will gain from lower fees, a wider investment spectrum and more efficient tax management and trading.  Our advisers and their clients will receive monthly reporting with full look through on the underlying investments.”